IoT Cloud

IoT Cloud

    We develop Internet of Things Cloud Platform.

IoT Devices Cloud

We are building distributed cloud solution for manipulating wide range of IoT devices from Smart House sensors to Collaborative Robots.

We are focusing on orchestrating groups of devices and implementing complex scenarios of their joint using.

Remote Device Control

The key point of our platform is ability to manipulate wide range of devices, which previously couldn't be controlled easily.

One of the goals of the system is to have ability to work with data from different domains (video and audio streams, physical data), support standard protocols.


Our partner is "Robotics and Cloud Technologies" LLC (ООО "Робототехника и облачные технологии"). We work together to build flexible IoT platform based on our own PaaS solution. We take real devices from our customers and develop minimum viable products, which solve real problems. After passing PoC stage we implement complete solution.

Зарегистрированная торговая марка в Республике Беларусь / Registered trademark in the Republic of Belarus

Devices to control

Complex sensors and IMU systems.

Mobile Robots (remote control, video and audio streams).

Vehicles (monitoring geographical position and vehicle condition).


Commercial software development

    We also develop enterprise software solutions.

Web applications

Full-stack web applications development. From designing architecture and choosing technologies to complete solutions.

Cloud solutions

Stable and scalable cloud servers targeted for 24/7 applications with no downtime. Building enterprise PaaS solutions.

High-load systems

High-load data processing systems built to be scalable for a huge amount of users.

Machine learning

Deep learning (pattern and image recognition), data analysis.


Technological Profile

    Our technological expertise allows to provide full-stack web development.


Java 11, JEE, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JPA, MQTT, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, GWT, gwt-platform, Gradle, Maven


JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular 2+, React.js, NodeJS, HTML5, SASS/LESS/CSS, Webpack, WebSockets, d3.js

Databases, caches

MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle 11g, MySQL, Neo4j, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Redis, Hazelcast


Docker, Kubernetes, ELK, AWS, Google Cloud, Red Hat OpenShift, Tomcat, Undertow, WildFly, nginx, Jenkins

Data Science

Python 2.7/3.5, TensorFlow, Keras, scikit-learn, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas

Data Flow Solutions

Kafka, Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Storm


Open Positions

    We are searching for people who have their own goals. Let's help each other to achieve our goals.

Senior Software & DevOps Engineer

Key technologies: Java 11, Spring Framework, OAuth 2.0, Gradle, git


Hazelcast, PostgreSQL, Flyway

CentOS 7, Docker, Kubernetes, ELK, Jenkins, nginx

Responsibilities: Developing PaaS cloud platform. Solving sophisticated architectural and infrastructural tasks.

Software Engineer (backend)

Key technologies: Java 11, Spring Framework, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Gradle, Docker

Responsibilities: Developing commercial software. Designing and implementing backend part of web enterprise systems. Communicating with American and European customers.

Software Engineer (frontend)

Key technologies: Angular, React, HTML5, SASS/LESS/CSS, Webpack, WebSockets, Node.js

Responsibilities: Developing commercial software. Designing and implementing frontend part of web enterprise systems. Communicating with American and European customers.