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Our Teleology Lab explores reality and Metaverse, creating meaningful adventure games and evoking the experience of returning to yourself. We are based in Minsk, Belarus, but working remotely and invite people from any place to join our team.

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We are developing a first-person single-player game about a civilization crisis in a dystopian city.

Genre: 3D Adventure, Walking Sim

Setting: Realism, Mystical forest

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Audience: 12+, fans of Firewatch and David Lynch movies

References: Firewatch, Dear Esther

Engine: Unreal Engine 5

Our game is about the eternal conflict between man and society.

+ Influence the fate of the last city on Earth.

+ Explore the Mists Valley, inspired by the works of David Lynch and Howard Lovecraft, where dreams meet reality.

+ Decide the future of the city with the help of mystic monoliths.

+ Play the game at your own pace. Leave the hectic world for a while and return to yourself.


tg: Alexander_Morfius

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